Four More Restaurants In Forestville MD Including A Hidden Gem

We visited four Forestville MD restaurants in the last article, and it is time to visit four more. Let’s see if we can beat the last round. We started with a pizza joint last time, and I’m going to introduce another one for comparison. The pizza joint is Lindsay’s Pizza And Grill, which is located on Silver Hill Road. One reviewer says this is a restaurant in a hidden spot, so if the food is great, that is the definition of a hidden gem.

When you visit Lindsay’s Pizza And Grill, you know by the name of the restaurant that you get more than pizza. Considering Forestville is such a small, unincorporated area of Maryland, there is only one review for this restaurant on top travel site. That should give you an idea about how things are up there, quaint and country. And it also tells you again that this establishment could really be a hidden gem.

Next up is Golden Skillet on Marlboro Pike. This pick also mirrors another from the last article because it is a place that serves up delicious fried chicken. One of the reviewers claims that the place serves up the absolute best fries. You can also order a chicken sandwich and all other great kinds of menu items. Also, the reviews say that this restaurant has been around for decades.

If a restaurant sticks around that long, you know it has to be good. That means the locals really like this restaurant, too. This next establishment has a rather unique name, so let’s check it out. It is called Mini Raunts At The Village, and it is located on Donnell Drive. Reviewers talk about fish sandwiches, coleslaw, smoked turkey and provolone sandwiches and more. The smoked turkey and provolone comes on a bagel, and that sounds absolutely delicious.

Alright, it’s time for that last restaurant pick. What’s it going to be? Let’s pay a virtual visit to Mid Atlantic Seafood, and it is located on Silver Hill Road. Aside from the fish sandwiches at the last place, we hadn’t hit a seafood spot in Forestville just yet. It was time, and by the way, reviews say that this establishment serves up home style seafood and sides. That should give you plenty to eat while you are navigating your way around the unincorporated city of Forestville and also District Heights. Enjoy that delicious food, and I might have to race you to the Golden Skillet.