Four Forestville Maryland Restaurants That You Want To Try Out

If you have ever been to Maryland, then you might have heard of a town called Forestville. We are going to virtually visit some restaurants there, and while Forestville is a rather small city, you are going to enjoy some great food. There are some unique establishments in this unincorporated town, and you will enjoy the picks I have for you I’m sure. Let’s get to looking at four restaurants in Forestville, Maryland.

Ledo Pizza is the #1 restaurant in Forestville, and it is found on Donnell Drive at a shopping center. Reviewers talk about salads, pizza, ravioli and more. So you have different types of menu choices, including a chicken parmesan sandwich. It is also mentioned that the pizza has a sweet sauce, which people seem to like for sure. So you have found your pizza spot in Forestville. What’s up next?

Well, if you ask me, this next establishment would probably be my favorite. It is called the Old Country Buffet, and it is said to have everything. It is a breakfast buffet spot, and you can find it on Donnell Road, just like the pizza place. Is it time for some biscuits and gravy?

Some of the listed restaurants for unincorporated Forestville are actually in District Heights. For example, Rita’s Italian Ice is one of those places. One reviewer talked about getting four different flavors to try all at once. It sounds like a neat place to stop after a meal during the summer or on a hot afternoon. Does it even get hot in Maryland though?

For sure, it does get hot during the season, and those Italian ices sound delicious. The last restaurant we are going to take a look at in Forestville is on Marlboro Pike, again technically in District Heights. This establishment also serves up fried whiting according to the reviews. While this place is considered to be fast food, it is also really good according to the people that have left reviews.

Whether you are in the mood for fried chicken, Italian ices, pizza or a big country breakfast, this article has you covered. You are going to find all kinds of great eats in Forestville now. Make your way into the surrounding areas like District Heights, too, so you can see what all is in this beautiful part of the state. Maryland is a lovely place to visit anytime of the year.